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Monday, 8 March 2021 - Brussels

17. Order of business

The final draft agenda for the March I 2021 (PE 689.224/PDOJ) sittings had been distributed and the following changes had been proposed (Rule 158):

The President announced that he had received two requests for urgent procedure (Rule 163) in respect of the adoption of the following files during the part-session:

- Equivalence of forest reproductive material produced in the UK (item 49 on the final draft agenda);

- Equivalence of field inspections and equivalence of checks on practices for the maintenance of varieties of agricultural plant species carried out in the UK (item 50 on the final draft agenda).

The President added that the requests would be put to the vote during that day’s voting session.

After consulting the political groups, the President proposed the following change to the final draft agenda:


The Commission statement on tackling the economic impact of the COVID pandemic by focusing on investment, competitiveness and skills (item 86 on the final draft agenda) would become the third item on the afternoon’s agenda, after the debate on the activities of the European Ombudsman annual report 2019 (item 33 on the final draft agenda).

The President pointed out that the votes would be spread over the various voting sessions depending on the number of amendments and requests for split and separate votes. Information on the manner in which the votes would be spread over the various voting sessions was available on Parliament’s website under ‘Priority information and documents’.

Parliament agreed to the proposals.

The order of business was thus established.

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