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Wednesday, 19 January 2022 - Strasbourg


15. Election of the Quaestors of Parliament (second ballot) (announcement of results)
Verbatim reports

The President read out the results of the ballot:

- Members voting:      688

- Blank or spoiled ballot papers:       20

- Votes cast:      668

Votes obtained:

Karol Karski   324 votes

Marcel Kolaja   344 votes

Having obtained an absolute majority of the votes cast, Marcel Kolaja was therefore elected as a Quaestor. The President congratulated him on his election.

In accordance with Rule 18 and Rule 17(2), the Quaestors would take precedence in the order in which they were elected. In the event of a tie, age would be the determining factor.

The Presidents of the institutions of the European Union would be notified of the new composition of the Bureau.

(The list of Members voting is annexed to these minutes. See minutes of 19.1.2022, Annex 2.)

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