Rules of Procedure of the European Parliament
7th parliamentary term - July 2009
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Rule 158  : Voting procedure

1.    The following voting procedure shall apply to reports:

(a)    first, voting on any amendments to the text with which the report of the committee responsible is concerned,

(b)    second, voting on the text as a whole, amended or otherwise,

(c)    third, voting on amendments to the motion for a resolution/draft legislative resolution,

(d)    finally, voting on the motion for a resolution/draft legislative resolution as a whole (final vote).

Parliament shall not vote on the explanatory statement contained in the report.

2.    The following procedure shall apply to second readings:

(a)    where no proposal to reject or amend the Council's common position has been tabled, the common position shall be deemed to have been approved in accordance with Rule 72;

(b)    a proposal to reject the common position shall be voted upon before voting on any amendments (see Rule 65(1));

(c)    where several amendments to the common position have been tabled they shall be put to the vote in the order set out in Rule 161;

(d)    where Parliament has proceeded to a vote to amend the common position, a further vote on the text as a whole may only be taken in accordance with Rule 65(2).

3.    The procedure set out in Rule 69 shall apply to third readings.

4.    In voting on legislative texts and on non-legislative motions for resolutions, votes relating to substantive parts shall be taken first, followed by votes relating to citations and recitals. Amendments shall fall if they contradict a prior vote.

5.    The only Member permitted to speak during the vote shall be the rapporteur, who shall have the opportunity of expressing briefly the views of the committee responsible on the amendments put to the vote.

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