Rules of Procedure of the European Parliament
8th parliamentary term - January 2017
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Rule 116a  : Access to Parliament

1.    Access badges for Members, Members' assistants and third persons shall be issued on the basis of the rules laid down by the Bureau. Those rules shall also govern the use and withdrawal of access badges.

2.    Badges shall not be issued to individuals within a Member’s entourage who fall within the scope of the Agreement between the European Parliament and the European Commission on the transparency register.

3.    Entities listed in the transparency register, and their representatives who have been issued with long-term access badges to the European Parliament must respect:

-    the Code of Conduct for Registrants annexed to the agreement;

-    the procedures and other obligations laid down by the agreement; and

-    the provisions implementing this Rule.

Without prejudice to the applicability of the general rules governing the withdrawal or temporary de-activation of long-term access badges, and unless there are significant arguments to the contrary, the Secretary-General shall, with the authorisation of the Quaestors, withdraw or de- activate a long-term access badge where its holder has been disbarred from the transparency register for a breach of the Code of Conduct for Registrants, has been guilty of a serious breach of the obligations laid down in this paragraph, or has refused, without offering a sufficient justification, to comply with a formal summons to attend a hearing or committee meeting or to cooperate with a committee of inquiry.

4.    The Quaestors may determine to what extent the Code of Conduct referred to in paragraph 3 is applicable to persons who, whilst in possession of a long-term access badge, do not fall within the scope of the agreement.

5.    The Bureau, acting on a proposal from the Secretary-General, shall lay down the measures needed to implement the transparency register, in accordance with the provisions of the agreement on the establishment of that register.

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