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Texts adopted
Thursday, 26 October 2000 - Strasbourg
 2001 budget: Section III
 2001 budget: Sections I, II, IV, V, VI, VII and VIII
 ECSC operating budget for 2001
 Interinstitutional agreement on financial statements
 Unbundled access to the local loop ***I
 COM in processed fruit and vegetables *
 Cod stocks in the Irish Sea *
 Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong
 Cooperation with ACP countries involved in armed conflicts
 Moratorium on capital punishment
 Towards a European Climate Change Programme
 Greenhouse gas emissions trading within the European Union
 Climate change
 Floods in Italy and Spain
 Endocrine disrupters
 Multiannual programme for enterprise and entrepreneurship *
 Retail payments in internal market
 Action plan for Albania and the neighbouring region
 Better lawmaking
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