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Texts adopted
Thursday, 15 March 2001 - Strasbourg
 Swaps arrangements and forward rate agreements ***I
 Life assurance (recast version) ***I
 Stockholm European Council
 Conflict prevention and crisis management
 Situation on the border between the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia/Kosovo and the Former Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)
 Financial services
 State of European economy
 EU election assistance and observation
 Common strategy on Ukraine
 Internet - International and European policy issues
 Work of ACP/EU Assembly (2000)
 Biotechnology industry
 Access to medicines for AIDS patients in the Third World
 Situation in Afghanistan including the destruction of its cultural heritage
 Human rights: Situation in Zimbabwe
 Human rights: Children kidnapped by their parents
 Human rights: Cabinda
 Human rights: Situation in Kalimantan
 Human rights: Situation in Turkmenistan
 Trade in light weapons
 Disasters: Floods in Mozambique
 Disasters: Humanitarian disaster in Mongolia
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