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Thursday, 7 February 2002 - Strasbourg
 Area of freedom, security and justice
 Speed limitation devices ***I
 Rum and liqueurs (French overseas territories) *
 Rum and liqueurs (Madeira and Azores) *
 Galileo Joint Undertaking *
 Lorry drivers stranded in Luxembourg
 Situation in the Middle East
 Decision taken on 27 December 2001 on measures to combat terrorism
 Financing of development aid with a view to the UN International Conference in Monterrey
 Preparations for the March 2002 meeting of the UNCHR in Geneva
 Relations between the EP and national parliaments
 Management of regional policy and the Structural Funds
 Economic and social cohesion
 Women's rights and equal opportunities in Mediterranean countries
 Illiteracy and social exclusion
 Social policy agenda
 Terrorist attacks in India
 Humanitarian aid for Goma
 Human rights: Guantanamo
 Human rights: Grigory Pasko and the closure of TV6 in Russia
 Human rights: Elections in Madagascar
 Human rights: Elections in Cambodia
 Human rights: Eritrea
 Earthquake in Turkey
 State of implementation of Working Time Directive
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