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Texts adopted
Tuesday, 16 December 2003 - Strasbourg
 Request for the defence of Mr Gargani's parliamentary immunity and privileges
 Request for the defence of Mr Dupuis' parliamentary immunity and privileges
 Cohesion Fund ***
 Aid rates in the seeds sector for 2004/05 *
 Milk and milk products sector in the Azores *
 Set-aside 2004/5 *
 COM in raw tobacco *
 EC-USA scientific and technical cooperation agreement *
 N1 vehicle carbon dioxide emissions and fuel consumptions ***II
 Drug precursors ***II
 "Culture 2000" programme ***I
 Statistics on trade in goods ***I
 Convention: discharge 2002 ***
 VAT implementing powers and derogations *
 Taxation of parent companies and subsidiaries of different Member States *
 Controls on fishing in the Antarctic *
 Technical measures applicable to fishing activities in the Antarctic *
 Human tissues and cells ***II
 Takeover bids ***I
 Market regulation and competition rules for the liberal professions
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