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Tuesday, 22 February 2005 - Strasbourg
 Vehicle hand controls, tell-tale and indicators (approval) ***
 Vehicle heating system (type-approval) ***
 EC-Romania Europe Agreement ***
 EC-Bulgaria Europe Agreement ***
 EC-Swiss Confederation Agreement on MEDIA Plus and MEDIA Training programmes *
 Request for defence of parliamentary immunity of Mr Koldo Gorostiaga
 Short-term statistics ***I
 Documentation scheme for Dissostichus spp. *
 EC-Swiss Confederation Agreement on combating financial fraud *
 Cooperation Agreement with the Principality of Andorra ***
 Exchange of information extracted from the criminal record *
 Quality of criminal justice in the European Union
 European Capital of Culture - 2005 to 2019 ***II
 Competition policy (2003)
 State aid in the form of public service compensation
 Broad economic guidelines
 Public finances in EMU - 2004
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