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Tuesday, 24 October 2006 - Strasbourg
 United Nations: approval of category M2 or M3 vehicles with regard to their general construction ***
 Accession of Bulgaria and Romania: recruitment of officials of the European Communities *
 Amendment of the Statutes of the Galileo Joint Undertaking *
 Norway and the EMCDDA *
 Request for waiver of the immunity of Bogdan Golik
 Defence of immunity of Mario Borghezio
 Draft amending budget No 3/2006 (Amendments)
 Draft amending budget No 3/2006
 Draft amending budget No 5/2006
 EU-South Africa Strategic Partnership
 LIFE + ***II
 Programme of support for the European audiovisual sector (MEDIA 2007) ***II
 Culture programme (2007-2013) ***II
 Community civil protection mechanism *
 Implementing measures (level 2) of the Transparency Directive
 Implementing measures (level 2) of the Prospectus Directive
 Women's immigration
 Recovery of Community funds
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