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Thursday, 26 October 2006 - Strasbourg
 Draft general budget for 2007 (Section III)
 Draft general budget for 2007 (sections I, II, IV, V, VI, VII and VIII)
 Fishing fleets registered in the outermost regions *
 Commemoration of the 1956 Hungarian Uprising
 South Ossetia
 Export of toxic waste to Africa
 Use of criminal law to protect the environment
 EU-Syria Euro-Mediterranean Association Agreement
 Nairobi Conference on Climate Change
 Inland waterway transport TC"(A6-0299/2006 - Rapporteur: Corien Wortmann-Kool)"\l3 \n> \* MERGEFORMAT
 Public-private partnerships
 Posting of workers
 European Central Bank Annual Report 2005
 Case against Ríos Montt
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