Texts adopted
Tuesday, 24 April 2007 - Strasbourg
 EC-Malaysia Agreement on certain aspects of air services *
 Europol staff salaries and allowances *
 Tariff quotas for imports into Bulgaria and Romania of raw cane sugar *
 Waiver of the immunity of Vural Öger
 Discharge 2005: Section IV, Court of Justice
 Discharge 2005: Section V, Court of Auditors
 Discharge 2005: Section VI, European Economic and Social Committee
 2005 Discharge: Section VIIIA, European Ombudsman
 Discharge 2005: Section VIIIB, European Data Protection Supervisor
 Discharge 2005: Sixth, Seventh, Eighth and Ninth European Development Funds
 Discharge 2005: European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training
 Discharge 2005: European Foundation for Improvement of Living and Working Conditions
 Discharge 2005: European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia
 Discharge 2005: European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction
 Discharge 2005: European Environment Agency
 Discharge 2005: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work
 Discharge 2005: Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union
 Discharge 2005: European Medicines Agency
 Discharge 2005: Eurojust
 Discharge 2005: European Training Foundation
 Discharge 2005: European Maritime Safety Agency
 Discharge 2005: European Aviation Safety Agency
 Discharge 2005: European Food Safety Authority
 Discharge 2005: European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
 Discharge 2005: European Network and Information Security Agency
 Payment services in the internal market ***I
 Quota system in relation to the production of potato starch *
 Future enlargements and cohesion
 The Commission's annual strategic priorities (Budget 2008)
 Discharge 2005: Section III - Commission
 Discharge 2005: Section I - European Parliament
 Discharge 2005: Section II, Council
 Discharge 2005: Section VII, Committee of the Regions
 Discharge 2005: European Agency for Reconstruction
 Combating HIV/Aids within the EU and in the neighbouring countries 2006-2009
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