Texts adopted
Thursday, 14 March 2013 - Strasbourg
 Energy roadmap 2050
 Risk and safety assessments of nuclear power plants in the European Union ("stress tests")
 Strengthening the fight against racism, xenophobia and hate crime
 Protection of public health from endocrine disrupters
 Integration of migrants, its effects on the labour market and the external dimension of social security coordination
 Asbestos-related occupational health threats and prospects for abolishing all existing asbestos
 Statute for a European mutual society
 Situation in Egypt
 Nuclear threats and human rights in North Korea
 EU-China relations
 Match-fixing and corruption in sport
 Global cotton value chain
 Situation in Bangladesh
 Iraq: plight of minority groups, in particular the Iraqi Turkmen
 Case of Arafat Jaradat and situation of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails
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