Texts adopted
Wednesday, 20 November 2013 - Strasbourg
 2014 budgetary procedure: joint text
 Mobilisation of the Flexibility Instrument - financing of the Cypriot Structural Funds programmes
 Draft amending budget No 9/2013: Mobilisation of the EU Solidarity Fund for Romania (Drought and forest fires in 2012) and for Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic (Flooding in May and June 2013)
 Mobilisation of the EU Solidarity Fund: drought in Romania in 2012 and flooding in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic in 2013
 Mobilisation of the Flexibility Instrument to complement the financing in the general budget of the EU for 2013 towards the financing of the European Social Fund to increase allocations to France, Italy and Spain
 European satellite navigation systems ***I
 Macro-financial assistance to Jordan ***I
 EU-Russia agreement on drug precursors ***
 Third States and organisations with which Europol shall conclude agreements *
 Legal framework for a European Research Infrastructures Consortium *
 Common provisions on European funds ***I
 European Social Fund ***I
 European Regional Development Fund and the 'Investment for growth and jobs' goal ***I
 European Regional Development Fund and the 'European territorial cooperation' goal ***I
 Cohesion Fund ***I
 European grouping of territorial cooperation ***I
 Gender balance among non-executive directors of companies listed on stock exchanges ***I
 Key information documents for investment products ***I
 Financing, management and monitoring of the CAP ***I
 European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development ***I
 Common organisation of the markets in agricultural products ***I
 Direct payments to farmers under support schemes within the framework of the CAP ***I
 Transitional provisions on support for rural development ***I
 Provisions relating to financial management for certain Member States experiencing or threatened with serious difficulties with respect to their financial stability and to the decommitment rules for certain Member States***I
 Financial allocation for certain Member States from the European Social Fund ***I
 EC-Kiribati fisheries partnership agreement ***
 The location of the seats of the European Union's Institutions
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