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Procedure : 2015/0281(COD)
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PV 15/02/2017 - 11
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CRE 16/02/2017 - 6.4
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Thursday, 16 February 2017 - Strasbourg
Combating terrorism ***I

European Parliament legislative resolution of 16 February 2017 on the proposal for a directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on combating terrorism and replacing Council Framework Decision 2002/475/JHA on combating terrorism (COM(2015)0625 – C8-0386/2015 – 2015/0281(COD))

(Ordinary legislative procedure: first reading)

The European Parliament,

–  having regard to the Commission proposal to Parliament and the Council (COM(2015)0625),

–  having regard to Article 294(2) and Articles 83(1) and 82(2)(c) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, pursuant to which the Commission submitted the proposal to Parliament (C8‑0386/2015),

–  having regard to the opinion of the Committee on Legal Affairs on the proposed legal basis,

–  having regard to Article 294(3) and Article 83(1) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union,

–  having regard to the opinion of the European Economic and Social Committee of 17 March 2016(1),

–  having regard to the United Nations Security Council Resolutions 1373(2001) of 28 September 2001, 2178(2014) of 24 September 2014, 2195(2014) of 19 December 2014, 2199(2015) of 12 February 2015, 2249(2015) of 20 November 2015 and 2253(2015) of 17 December 2015,

–  having regard to the Council of Europe Convention on the Prevention of Terrorism of 16 May 2005 and its Additional Protocol of 19 May 2015,

–  having regard to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Recommendations,

–  having regard to the Communiqué of the Nuclear Security Summit, Washington, of 1 April 2016,

–  having regard to the undertaking given by the Council representative by letter of 30 November 2016 to approve Parliament's position, in accordance with Article 294(4) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union,

–  having regard to Rules 59 and 39 of its Rules of Procedure,

–  having regard to the report of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (A8-0228/2016),

1.  Adopts its position at first reading hereinafter set out;

2.  Approves the joint statement by Parliament, the Council and the Commission annexed to this resolution;

3.  Calls on the Commission to refer the matter to Parliament again if it intends to amend its proposal substantially or replace it with another text;

4.  Instructs its President to forward its position to the Council, the Commission and the national parliaments.

(1) OJ C 177, 18.5.2016, p. 51.

Position of the European Parliament adopted at first reading on 16 February 2017 with a view to the adoption of Directive (EU) 2017/… of the European Parliament and of the Council on combating terrorism and replacing Council Framework Decision 2002/475/JHA and amending Council Decision 2005/671/JHA

(As an agreement was reached between Parliament and Council, Parliament's position corresponds to the final legislative act, Directive (EU) 2017/541.)


Joint statement by the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission upon the adoption of the Directive on Combating Terrorism

Recent terrorist attacks in Europe have highlighted the need to reinforce efforts to safeguard security while promoting the respect of our common values including the rule of law and respect for human rights. To provide a comprehensive response to the evolving terrorist threat, an enhanced criminalisation framework to combat terrorism need to be complemented by effective measures on prevention of radicalisation leading to terrorism and efficient exchange of information on terrorist offences.

It is in this spirit that the EU institutions and Member States collectively express their commitment - within their respective area of competence - to continue to develop and invest in effective preventive measures, as a part of a comprehensive cross-sectoral approach that involves all relevant policies, including in particular in the field of education, social inclusion and integration, and all stakeholders, including civil society organisations, local communities or industry partners.

The Commission will support Member States' efforts in particular by offering financial support to projects aimed at developing tools to tackle radicalisation and through EU wide initiatives and networks, such as the Radicalisation Awareness Network.

The European Parliament, the Council and the Commission underline the necessity for an effective and timely exchange of all relevant information for the prevention, detection, investigation or prosecution of terrorist offences between competent authorities in the Union. In this respect, making full use of all the existing Union instruments, channels and agencies to exchange information, as well as a swift implementation of all adopted Union legislation in this field is key.

The three institutions reaffirm the need to assess the functioning of the general EU information exchange framework and to address with tangible actions the possible shortcomings, including in light of the Roadmap to enhance information exchange and information management, including interoperability solutions in the JHA area.

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