Texts adopted
Tuesday, 24 October 2017 - Strasbourg
 EU-Morocco Euro-Mediterranean Aviation Agreement ***
 Authorising France to apply a reduced rate of certain indirect taxes on ‘traditional’ rum produced in Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique and Réunion *
 Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking: financial contributions *
 Subjecting furanylfentanyl to control measures *
 Control of spending and monitoring of EU Youth Guarantee schemes cost-effectiveness
 Criminal acts and penalties in the field of illicit drug trafficking ***II
 CE marked fertilising products ***I
 Information exchange on, and an early warning system and risk assessment procedure for, new psychoactive substances ***I
 Common Fisheries Policy: implementation of the landing obligation ***I
 Renewing the approval of the active substance glyphosate
 Genetically modified maize 1507
 Genetically modified soybean 305423 × 40-3-2
 Genetically modified oilseed rapes MON 88302 × Ms8 × Rf3
 Draft amending budget No 5/2017: financing for the European Fund for Sustainable Development and increasing the Emergency Aid Reserve
 Mobilisation of the Flexibility Instrument to provide the financing for the European Fund for Sustainable Development
 Reflection paper on the future of EU finances
 Legitimate measures to protect whistle-blowers acting in the public interest
 Minimum income policies as a tool for fighting poverty
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