Texts adopted
Thursday, 15 March 2018 - Strasbourg
 Situation in the Maldives
 The arrest of human rights defenders in Sudan, notably the case of Sakharov Prize laureate Salih Mahmoud Osman
 Mercy killings in Uganda
 EU-Comoros fisheries partnership agreement: denunciation ***
 EU-Comoros fisheries partnership agreement: denunciation (Resolution)
 Europass: framework for skills and qualifications ***I
 Creative Europe Programme (2014 to 2020) ***I
 Location of the seat of the European Medicines Agency ***I
 Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base *
 Common Corporate Tax Base *
 Guidelines for the 2019 budget – Section III
 Situation in Syria
 US attack on EU farm support under the CAP (in the context of Spanish olives)
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