Texts adopted
Thursday, 8 October 2020 - BrusselsFinal edition
 European Climate Law ***I
 Equivalence of field inspections carried out in Ukraine on cereal seed-producing crops and on the equivalence of cereal seed produced in Ukraine ***I
 Objection to an implementing act: Specifications for titanium dioxide (E 171)
 Objection to an implementing act: Maximum levels of acrylamide in certain foodstuffs for infants and young children
 The European Forest Strategy - The Way Forward
 Eritrea, the case of Dawit Isaak
 The ‘Foreign Agents’ Law in Nicaragua
 The situation of Ethiopian migrants in detention centres in Saudi Arabia
 Application of railway safety and interoperability rules within the Channel tunnel ***I
 Decision empowering France to conclude an international agreement concerning the Channel tunnel ***I
 Organic production: date of application and certain other dates ***I
 The rule of law and fundamental rights in Bulgaria
 Digital Finance: emerging risks in crypto-assets - regulatory and supervisory challenges in the area of financial services, institutions and markets
 Further development of the Capital Markets Union (CMU): improving access to capital market finance, in particular by SMEs, and further enabling retail investor participation
 Reinforcing the Youth Guarantee
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