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Thursday, 26 November 2020 - Brussels
 The application of Union tariff rate quotas and other import quotas ***I
 Active substances, including chlorotoluron
 Carbendazim for use in certain biocidal products
 Stocktaking of European elections
 Situation of Fundamental Rights in the European Union - Annual Report for the years 2018 - 2019
 The deteriorating situation of human rights in Algeria, in particular the case of journalist Khaled Drareni
 Situation in Ethiopia
 The continuous violations of human rights in Belarus, in particular the murder of Raman Bandarenka
 Escalating tensions in Varosha following the illegal actions by Turkey and the urgent need for the resumption of talks
 Elimination of customs duties on certain products ***I
 Union General Export Authorisation for the export of certain dual-use items from the Union to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland ***I
 Temporary measures in relation to value added tax for COVID-19 vaccines and in vitro diagnostic medical devices in response to the COVID-19 pandemic
 Abortion rights in Poland
 EU Trade Policy Review
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