Organisation of the Hearing of candidates for the position of European Ombudsman

(open to all Members of the European Parliament)

Monday  30  November  2009,  15.00 - 18.30
Room  JAN  2Q2

► Members' attention is drawn to the fact that unlike the hearings for Commissioner-designates, the Committee on Petitions will not make a formal recommendation regarding a preferred candidate to the President of the European Parliament.
Rule 204 states:
  • 4. A list of admissible nominations in alphabetical order shall then be submitted to the vote of Parliament;
  • 5. The vote shall be held by secret ballot on the basis of a majority of the votes cast.
► Question time for each candidate  :  30 minutes allocated based approximately on the d'Hondt system for the first list of speakers :  ie, EPP - S&D - EPP - S&D - ALDE - Greens/EFA - ECR - GUE/NGL - EFD

► 'Catch-the-eye' :  15 minutes for each candidate, with only questions of max 1 minute allowed

at  15:00

1. Adoption of draft agenda
2. Procedural explanation for Members

at  15:15

3. Statement by  Mr  Vittorio  BOTTOLI

at  15:30

4. Questions to Mr Vittorio Bottoli

at  16:00

5. 'Catch-the-eye' to Mr Vittorio Bottoli

at  16:15

6. Statement by  Mr  Nikiforos DIAMANDOUROS

at  16:30

7. Questions to Mr Nikiforos Diamandouros

at 17:00

8. 'Catch-the-eye' to Mr Nikiforos Diamandouros

at  17:15

9. Statement by  Mr  Pierre-Yves MONETTE

at  17:30

10. Questions to Mr Pierre-Yves Monette

at 18:00

11. 'Catch-the-eye' to Mr Pierre-Yves Monette