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Disclaimer of liability for the Europarl service

The Secretariat of the European Parliament supplies information for the Europarl service with the aim of promoting public access to information on its initiatives and on the policies of the European Union in general. Its purpose is to distribute up-to-date and accurate information as quickly as possible. It will do its best to correct as soon as possible any errors which are brought to its attention.

However, the Secretariat of the European Parliament and the European Communities cannot guarantee that all the information on the Europarl site is correct.

The Secretariat of the European Parliament would ask you to note the following points:

  • The material distributed comprises information purely of a general nature: it is not intended to relate to the specific situation of any person or entity;
  • The Europarl service may contain information which is not necessarily complete, exhaustive, accurate and up-to-date;
  • The Europarl service sometimes refers to external sites over which the Secretariat of the European Parliament has no control and in respect of which it disclaims all liability;
  • The on-line information provided by means of the Europarl service does not constitute professional or legal advice (if you require specific advice, please consult a suitably qualified professional practitioner).

It should also be noted that it is not possible to guarantee that a document which is available on-line reproduces exactly a text officially adopted: therefore only the legislation of the European Union as published in the paper editions of the Official Journal of the European Communities is considered to be authentic.

Copyright in the Europarl service

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The Europarl service is managed by the Secretariat of the European Parliament.

Certain documents or multimedia sequences distributed by the Europarl service may contain links to information updated by other Internet services. In this case, please consult the corresponding copyright notice.

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