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Rules in force as of 20 July
Rule 29 - Formation of political groups


  1. Members may form themselves into groups according to their political affinities.

    Parliament need not normally evaluate the political affinity of members of a group. In forming a group together under this Rule, Members concerned accept by definition that they have political affinity. Only when this is denied by the Members concerned is it necessary for Parliament to evaluate whether the group has been constituted in conformity with the Rules.

  2. A political group shall comprise Members elected in at least one-fifth of the Member States. The minimum number of Members required to form a political group shall be nineteen.
  3. A Member may not belong to more than one political group.
  4. The President shall be notified in a statement when a political group is set up. This statement shall specify the name of the group, its members and its bureau.
  5. The statement shall be published in the Official Journal of the European Union.