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Calendar of Meetings

The calendar is updated weekly. As well as official meetings of the European Parliament and its Committees and Delegations at which enlargement issues are to be discussed, the calendar also lists important meetings of the Council, Commission and other EU institutions as well as various events organised by academic and other institutions on the enlargement theme. Where possible, hyperlinks to the relevant documentation are given.

Calendar of Meetings

top State of negotiations

A regularly updated table Accession Negotiations: State of Play (latest version: 30 June 2004) published on the European Commission Enlargement website shows which chapters of the negotiations have been closed by each of the candidate countries.

More details of each negotiating chapter are also available there, or in the European Parliament's Factsheets on the Negotiations, a series of concise information sheets giving for each country and chapter a summary of the acquis as provided by the Commission, the progress/results of the negotiations, any positions adopted by the EP and the conclusions of the latest Commission Regular report.

top European Parliament
  • The role of the EP in the enlargement process is described, with links to key documents. Annexes (PDF, English only) list all EP resolutions and other texts grouped by year from 2001 (earlier documents in the archive), with short summaries and links to the Legislative Observatory, which gives full information on official texts and more detailed summaries. EP Resolutions on enlargement (June-December 2002)

  • Press Service Background Information on enlargement and related issues.

  • EP political group webpages on enlargement:
    • EPP-ED (Group of the European People's Party (Christian Democrats) and European Democrats)
    • PES (Group of the Party of European Socialists)
    • ELDR (Group of the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party)

  • EP Delegations to Joint Parliamentary Committees

  • Joint Debate on Enlargement, 9 April 2003, before the vote in which the EP gave its assent to the accession of all ten countries with which accession negotiations had been concluded:

    | ES |  | DA |  | DE |  | EL |  | EN |  | FR |  | IT |  | NL |  | PT |  | FI |  | SV |

  • Extraordinary debate on the future of the European Union after enlargement, with the participation of Members of national parliaments from the then applicant countries - Strasbourg, 19/11/2002 (Verbatim report, delegations, press).

  • Brochure: Reuniting Europe - The fifth enlargement.

top Other EU Institutions

Europarl pages giving links to the websites of the other institutions as well as the texts of key documents such as European Council Presidency Conclusions and links to enlargement webpages of the most relevant Commission Directorates-General.

European Council Presidency Conclusions
European Commission Enlargement Webpages

topCountries which acceded on 1 May 2004

Country profiles and lists of useful links.

CyprusCzech Rep.EstoniaHungary
Slovak Rep.Slovenia  

topCandidate countries

Country profiles and lists of useful links.


topMember States

Links to the relevant sites of the Governments of the Member States.

Suomi-FinlandSverigeUnited Kingdom 


A series of tables updated quarterly in PDF format by the European Parliament's Parliamentary Documentation Centre gives statistics on trade etc. for each candidate country as well as a comparative table of basic statistics for all.


topCommission Press Review

Link to the Commission's on-line press cuttings service which enables users to select articles on enlargement themes.

Sorry - intranet only

Link to the Eurobarometer site 

Eurobarometer site


This part of the site contains information and documents from the original EP Enlargement website, including thematic briefings prepared by the Directorate-General for Research over the period 1998-2000.


topTreaty of Accession

...of the Czech Republic, Estonia, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Slovenia and Slovakia to the European Union.

Provisional version, published here on 16 April 2003

Athens Declaration 16 April 2003