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Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs

LIBE -15:06 / 18:25 - 25-10-2010
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      • Hearing on the EU-US data protection framework agreement
        • 15.00 - 15.05 OPENING
        • 15.05 - 16.00 SESSION I: Strengthening the transatlantic dialogue on data protection in order to overcome the current shortcomings and enhance legal certainty
        • 16.00 - 16.50 SESSION II: Shared values, constitutional constraints and possible common solutions ensuring proportionality, judicial review and independent and effective oversight
        • 16.50 - 18.20 SESSION III: The impact of a new framework agreement on the current EU-US and bilateral provisions
        • 18.20 - 18.30 CONCLUDING REMARKS by the Rapporteur  Jan Philipp Albrecht