Specialised collections for research


Legislative collection

The legislative collection facilitates readers' and researchers' understanding and monitoring of the legislative work of EU institutions. It is made up of three parts:

Comparative law collection

The Comparative Law collection offers extensive research and analysis on case law and legal doctrine in the field of comparative law.

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EU history collection

The European Parliament has become one of the most powerful and one of the most closely studied legislatures in the world. Discover the historical development of the EP since 1952 as a distinctive, supranational assembly, directly elected by the citizens of the EU member states.

Explore the EP's EU History collection and the archives, which hold approximately 5 million publicly available historical records in all EU official languages.

EU collection on the future

The Parliament engages in thinking about the future, analyzing global trends and engaging in foresight. Discover the EU collection on the future through the following platforms: