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Browse the EP Library catalogue.

- Download thousands of EPRS and other EP research publications;
- Consult open access e-journals, e-books and articles;
- Identify items to borrow through an inter-library loan;
- Identify items you may consult at the EP libraries in situ, including over the course of a library study visit.

The EP Library selected online readings

Discover the EP Library LibGuides site with selected online readings on a variety of relevant topics.
These selections include:
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  • E-books
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  • Databases
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The EP Think Tank website

Discover the EP Think Tank website with thousands of research publications written by EP policy analysts and other experts:

- Over 11 0000 items on EU policy issues: at-a-glance, briefings, in-depth analyses and studies;
- Other research papers;
- Past and upcoming events;
- Infographics;
- Podcasts.

Open library for research

Our open library for research has specialized collections and a study visitor programme.

Specialized collections include:
- A legislative collection for quick access to key information of legislation in the making;
- A comparative law collection;
- A collection on EU history;
- A collection on the future.

Open multimedia gallery

We have an open multimedia gallery featuring:

- Watch the EP: videos and images about the parliamentary activity, European issues and European history;
- Listen to the EP: a multilingual collection of podcasts and audio content;
- Ask the EP: a platform for citizens to ask questions to the EP in all EU official languages;
- Get the App: download EP apps for updates on EU affairs and events Europe wide.