On-site Libraries for Citizens


EP Library - Robert Schuman Reading Room - Luxembourg

The library offers access to a historical collection dating back to the 1950's with original documents and books. It welcomes individual researchers and visitor groups. The archives of the European Parliament are also directly accessible.
It is located in the old EP Adenauer Building - 01 A 882 - Luxembourg.
Currently open.

Info Hub for citizens - Brussels

The new Info Hub on the Solidarność 1980 Esplanade gives all citizens access to a wide range of multimedia resources on the European Union and the work of the European Parliament.
Visitors will also have the opportunity to discover exhibitions and to watch book talks and other events either broadcast live from inside the European Parliament or recorded.

Library for Europe - Brussels

The Library for Europe located in the historical European building of the Solvay Library in Brussels will offer 10 000 multilingual books on science, history, arts, politics and culture, a multimedia library, access to TV and radio content on Europe, and a glimpse of the 'Library of the future'.

Exact opening date to be announced.

Visitors' reading corner - Strasbourg

A Visitors' reading corner in Strasbourg will offer a large collection of readings on smart boards as well as multimedia content on the EU, partly provided in partnership with ARTE Television.

Exact opening date to be announced.
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