EuroLat: Opening Session in Madrid © European Parliament (2023)

Overview of the Committees

EuroLat has four Standing Committees:

  • Political Affairs, Security and Human Rights
  • Economic, Financial and Commercial Affairs
  • Social Affairs, Youth and Children, Human Exchanges, Education and Culture
  • Sustainable Development, the Environment, Energy Policy, Research, Innovation and Technology

The work of these committees serves as the basis for most of the Assembly's decisions. In line with the general arrangements for the functioning of the Assembly, the standing committees shall be composed of members of the Assembly, and shall function in a strictly joint manner. Motions for resolutions and recommendations adopted by a Committee are then considered and voted by the plenary of the Assembly - generally on the basis of simple majority.

The Committees and Executive Bureau meet at least twice a year, with one of these two sessions running in parallel with EuroLat's full annual Plenary Session.