Sustainable development

EuroLat: Development Committee Meeting in Santo Domingo © European Parliament (2023)

Committee on Sustainable Development, Environment, Energy Policy, Research, Innovation and Technology

The Committee is composed of 30 members, 15 from the Latin American component and 15 from the European Parliament. The Bureau is composed of two co-chairs and 4 Vice Co-chairs.

This committee shall be responsible for matters relating to:

  1. sustainable development and natural resources;
  2. climate action and climate change prevention and mitigation;
  3. energy, energy security, energy efficiency and smart grids;
  4. prevention of natural and man-made disasters;
  5. research and technological developments;
  6. harmonisation and standardisation measures necessary for the implementation of bi-regional sustainable development, energy, research, innovation, and technological development policies;
  7. follow-up to bi-regional initiatives and cooperation projects in the fields of sustainable development, research, innovation, and technological development;
  8. focusing in particular on new technologies for sustainable development.