ENER Committee

Photo of the podium during the Euronest committee meeting in the European Parliament, Brussels
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Committee on Energy Security (ENER)

According to Euronest's rules of procedure, the Committee on Energy Security is responsible for matters relating to:

  • monitoring the development and implementation of a mutual energy support and security mechanism;
  • supporting the strengthening of contacts in relation to energy security and energy crisis preparedness;
  • monitoring the harmonisation of partners' energy policies and legislation and the diversification of supply and transit routes;
  • supporting the creation of an interconnected and diversified energy market.
  • As of February 2023, the ENER Committee includes the following Members:


    • Ms. Ramona STRUGARIU (European Parliament, Romania, Renew)
    • Mr. Tahir MIRKISHILI (Azerbaijan)


    • Mr. Bronis ROPÉ (European Parliament, Lithuania, Greens/EFA)
    • Mr. Eugen TOMAC (European Parliament, Romania, EPP)
    • Ms. Maia BITADZE, Vice-Co-Chair (Georgia)
    • Mr. Pavlo MELNYK, Vice-Co-Chair (Ukraine)

    Additional Members from the European Parliament:

    • Ms. Rasa JUKNEVIČIENĖ (Lithuania, EPP)
    • Mr. Jarosław DUDA (Poland, EPP)
    • Mr. Riho TERRAS (Estonia, EPP)
    • Mr. Tonino PICULA (Croatia, S&D)
    • Mr. Petar VITANOV (Bulgaria, S&D)
    • Mr. Robert HAJSEL (Slovakia, S&D)
    • Ms. Aurelia BEIGNEUX (France, ID)
    • Ms. Anna FOTYGA (Poland, ECR)
    • Mr. Patryk JAKI (Poland, ECR)
    • Ms. Kateřina KONEČNÁ (Czechia, GUE/NGL)
    • Mr. Miroslav RADAČOVSKÝ (Slovakia, NI)
    • Mr. Martin HOJSIK (Slovakia, Renew)

    Additional Members from the Partner countries:

    • Mr. Babken TUNYAN (Armenia)
    • Ms. Meri GALSTYAN (Armenia)
    • Ms. Anna GRIGORYAN (Armenia)
    • Mr. Iltizam YUSIFOV (Azerbaijan)
    • Mr. Vugar BAYRAMOV (Azerbaijan)
    • Ms. Maia BITADZE (Georgia)
    • Mr. George KHELASHVILI (Georgia)
    • Mr./ Ms. .... (vacant position/ Georgia)
    • Ms. Ina COȘERU (Moldova)
    • Mr. Vasile GRĂDINARU (Moldova)
    • Mr. Vitalie JACOT (Moldova)
    • Ms. Sofiia FEDYNA (Ukraine)
    • Ms. Olha RUDENKO (Ukraine)

    Substitutes from the European Parliament:

    • Mr. Ivan ŠTEFANEC (Slovakia, EPP)
    • Mr. Jerzy BUZEK (Poland, EPP)
    • Mr. Peter JAHR (Germany, EPP)
    • Mr. Adam JARUBAS (Poland, EPP)
    • Mr. Sven MIKSER (Estonia, S&D)
    • Mr. Alin MITUȚA (Romania, Renew)

    Substitutes from the Partner countries:

    • Mr. Aziz ALAKBAROV (Azerbaijan)
    • Mr. Mushfiq JAFAROV (Azerbaijan)


The Committee on Energy Security meets twice a year, with one of the two meetings held in parallel to the Euronest PA plenary session