Working Group on Belarus


The Working Group on Belarus was created in 2011 in order to study and make proposals on the ways in which the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly could contribute to Belarus's fulfilment of membership criteria as described in Article 3 of the Constituent Act*, in order for the Assembly to be able to welcome a Belarusian Delegation in due course.

For this purpose, the working group may make contact with
  • the Institutions of Belarus,
  • the country's civil society,
  • other EU Institutions,
  • EU Member States, and
  • other concerned players.
The Working Group was permitted to hold hearings and organise visits to the country, in agreement with the Bureau.

* * * * *
* Article 3 of Euronest's Constitutive Act specifies:

To take part in the work of the EURONEST Parliamentary Assembly, a Parliament shall:
  • be part of the constitutional system of one of the countries participating in the Eastern Partnership;
  • have been elected according to OSCE commitments, and other international standards for democratic elections;
  • commit itself to protecting and promoting human rights and fundamental freedoms, pluralistic democracy and the rule of law.



The next meeting of the Working Group on Belarus will be held in Brussels (room ASP 3G2) on 29 January 2019 from 12:00 to 13:00.

14th meeting: 29 January 2019

13th meeting: 26 June 2018

12th meeting: 31 October 2017

11th meeting: 29 June 2017

10th meeting: 13 October 2016

9th Meeting: 22 March 2016

8th Meeting: 24 September 2015

7th Meeting: 17 March 2015

6th Meeting: 21 January 2015

5th Meeting: 1 April 2014

4th Meeting: 28 May 2013

3rd Meeting: 11 October 2012

2nd Meeting: 2 April 2012

1st Meeting: 29 November 2011