In Europe, we all play a role

We have all heard criticism about the reaction to the current crisis. Maybe we even made such a comment ourselves. However, all across the EU, much more is being done to fight Covid-19 than most people currently know.

That is why we launched #EuropeansAgainstCovid19.

We want to show how the European Union is addressing the impact of this crisis and how we can succeed with a European spirit - a spirit of solidarity and unity.

We have launched this dedicated hub to highlight the stories of everyday European heroes. These stories will help us to spread the word on how Europeans overcome their difficulties, how they find intelligent ways to cope, and how they demonstrate solidarity with each other. Each story highlights someone behind the scenes of the crisis (researchers, hospital staff, friends, neighbours), all doing their part to fight the outbreak and make a difference.

Here are three ways you can get involved:
  • Tell your family and friends about;
  • Use #EuropeansAgainstCovid19 on social media;
  • Want to share your #EuropeansAgainstCovid19 story? Or would you like to help one of our heroes? We are always happy to hear from you.
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