“In just one week, we designed a 3D printable mask to help tackle the current shortage”

Alexandr Designed 3D-printable protective masks Czechia, Prague

In response to the current shortage of protective equipment in the Czech Republic as well as abroad, Alexandr and his fellow CIIRC CTU researchers developed the prototype for a protective mask in just a week. The “CIIRC RP95-3D” protective mask, designed to be produced via 3D printers, has an exchangeable P3 filter that meets the highest level of protection. This mask has been certified and the project, supported by academics and benefitting from public and private sponsors, has received EU funding as well.

“We help people stay safe by helping them stay sane”

Marie Provides mental health support to schools and businesses Czechia, Prague

In the midst of the current COVID-19 outbreak, physical health is naturally the main focus of all Europeans' effort, time and energy. But mental health is also becoming a major concern, as citizens across the EU are dealing with unprecedented levels of anxiety and isolation, which can lead to depressive thoughts and behaviours. Marie and her colleagues from NGO 'Nevypusť duši' (which can be translated as 'Mind your mind') organise campaigns, public events and workshops about mental health for schools and businesses. Focusing on education and prevention, they provide information about what to do and where to seek help when necessary. The NGO organises live streams and webinars about mental health during these difficult times & offers materials and infographics to help people cope with stress, anxiety, depressive thoughts and other mental health issues.

“Right now, we all need stories with happy endings”

Zuzana Works with Czech authors and celebrities to provide bedtime stories for children via YouTube Czechia, Prague

To help parents who are taking care of their children at home, Zuzana and her colleagues at online bookstore Martinus.cz decided to ask Czech authors and celebrities to record themselves reading their favourite fairy tales. Every other day, a new fairy tale is added to the bookstore's YouTube channel, helping parents make sure that their kids sleep well and have sweet dreams. While we may feel further apart than usual, we must work closer together than ever. Across Europe, countries, regions, and citizens like Zuzana are reaching out to help their communities, while the European Union’s solidarity fund is making up to €800 million available to help our countries fight the coronavirus.