“We are lucky to be able to talk to people across the country”

Volunteers of SnakSammen.dk Maintain social contact via the conversation platform SnakSammen.dk Denmark, Copenhagen

It is important for us to maintain social distancing, but not to lose social contact. For those who are feeling lonely and don't have many people to talk to, life during the pandemic can be very distressing. The Danish Red Cross and Boblberg (an online platform where you can safely and securely make new friends) have therefore created a voluntary conversation platform called SnakSammen.dk, which translates to Talk Together. People who lack someone to talk to can book a conversation with a Red Cross volunteer, and chat about whatever takes their fancy. “I’m lucky, to be able to talk to people across the country,” says Jane, one of the volunteers. More than a thousand people have booked a conversation with a volunteer so far and, due to its success, the platform will continue on after the pandemic.

“The most important thing in life is the value you create for other people”

Rasmus Helps people affected by COVID-19 with everyday tasks Denmark, Aalborg

The Danish Red Cross has set up a network of 17 000 volunteers, who are on stand-by to help people affected by COVID-19 with everyday tasks. The volunteers assist those in isolation with grocery shopping, walking the dog, and other practical errands. Rasmus Lundby is one such volunteer, and every day he and his daughter walk the dog of a woman who is part of a high risk group. "I’m a high school teacher, so I’m spending a lot of my time in front of my screen on virtual teaching. But occasionally, I have the chance to get out and enjoy the sunny spring, because I’m walking a dog", he says. Rasmus finds it very important to volunteer, and that is something, he would like to pass on to his daughter. "I find, that the most important to life, is the value, you create for people", he says.