“Donating books is a great way to support families in need while they deal with containment”

Giuseppina and Gianfranca Distribute books to families strongly affected by the Covid-19 crisis Italy, Milan

In Japanese, “kifubon” means donating books. It’s also the name of an international project that reached Spain, France, Germany and Italy in 2019 and books are regularly donated to charities through this unique initiative. In the context of the Covid-19 outbreak, Peace of the World ambassador Prem Rawat donated over 10 000 copies of his book “Splitting the Arrow: Understanding the business of Life” to the project. The book is famous for the influence it had on the “Pledge to Peace” declaration, co-written with the President of the European Parliament. “This book was chosen for the positive messages it conveys with its short and funny stories. It’s about inclusion, inner strength, the possibility of making good choices and the peace that resides within each of us”, Giuseppina explains. The books were distributed to parents and children who found themselves in a difficult situation due to Covid-19.