“Our employees and volunteers are doing their utmost to assist members and all those in need”

Kinga Provides Hungarian families with help and guidance to overcome the economic consequences of the crisis Hungary, Budapest

The National Association of Large Families in Hungary (Winner of the European Citizen's Prize of the European Parliament in 2018) has been working hard to help families withstand the economic consequences of the outbreak. “We keep our member families updated on legal advice and discounts. We also provide guidance on mental wellbeing, financial difficulties, and problems related to home schooling.” The association, which has received charitable help from various companies across the country, also ran a photo contest in April. It encouraged families to portray moments in their lockdown life spent together.

“Our experience tells us that we must be prepared for more and more people to end up homeless”

Ildi Provides help to people who need it the most Hungary, Budapest

The Budapest Bike Maffia have been heroes to the city’s homeless since 2011. Their volunteers distribute food, provide schooling programmes, maintain a community garden, and even give photography classes to those in need. COVID-19’s new normal called for the Maffia to engage in new actions. “We call it VitaminBoom", says Ildi. “We deliver multivitamin doses, fruits, juice, long lasting food, hot dishes and water to elderly, homeless and residential care institutions. We focus on seniors or patients with a weak immune system. We also provide masks, detergent or rubber gloves".  Mother’s Day was particularly important for the group, with 400 packages delivered to mothers and grandmothers.  With people losing jobs and admittance to shelters closed until further notice, the Bike Maffia expects the number of homeless people to grow. But one thing is certain: they’ll do everything they can to help.