“We help entrepreneurs whose operations have been fundamentally disrupted by the COVID-19 health crisis”

Claudine Launched the #JobSwitch platform with her colleagues at the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg, Luxembourg

While some companies had to close down due to COVID-19, others were overwhelmed by demand. To balance these needs, Claudine and her colleagues at the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce launched the #JobSwitch platform. “We had a dedicated hotline for businesses. We answered their concerns, provided them with information in real time, and provided a tool that enabled staff from a workplace that had closed to take on employment with another business that was short of staff,” Claudine explains. Running until the end of April, the platform was a great success. Some 1 400 candidates applied, and over 500 people found new jobs. Besides #JobSwitch, the Chamber of Commerce also launched a support programme for entrepreneurs, along with a bank guarantee for businesses in financial difficulty.

“Even from home, we’re protecting consumers across Europe during the crisis”

Karin Answers consumer questions related to coronavirus Luxembourg, Luxembourg

European Consumer Centres across the EU advise citizens on their consumer rights on cross-border shopping in the single market. With the coronavirus outbreak, they have seen a huge spike in enquiries, with 50% more calls than usual. Many questions relate to the impact of coronavirus on flights and train tickets, hotels, B&Bs, and package holidays. The centres also advise consumers about the dangers of fraudulent medicines, fake protective masks and sanitisers, and scams related to coronavirus. They inform national authorities whenever any such scams are detected. Karin Basenach is the head of the consumer centre in Luxembourg. “In these difficult times with coronavirus, our lawyers are there for you as usual and will offer you advice free of charge.”

“Equal access to digital media must become the norm”

Patrick Providing refurbished computers to students in need Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Volunteers across Luxembourg help to distribute refurbished computers to students in need across the country. “Ever since the association was founded in 2016, Digital Inclusion has been promoting access to the digital world.” Patrick explains. “Our core activity has always been to refurbish computer donations, but our work took a new turn with the closure of schools. We have launched a new programme to distribute computers to households for home schooling.” The lockdown and social distance rules didn’t make things easy for Patrick and his team, but they could count on the help of volunteers from the local population. “Our project promotes equal digital access for all, but this recent action shows how we can also aim for equal opportunity in the context of an education system that is becoming more and more digital,” Patrick concludes.