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As a result of the sanitary situation throughout Europe, Euroscola was unfortunately forced to cancel all onsite sessions which were due to take place since March 2020. However, in order to enable students and teachers alike to take part in the Euroscola programme remotely -while keeping its educational and interactive nature focused on EU issues-  the European Parliament is now proposing online sessions, called "Euroscola Online".

Each Euroscola Online session, led by two facilitators present in the hemicycle of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, lasts two hours.

It alternates between presentations, short videos, a question-and-answer session with a MEP, a discussion with an expert from the European Parliament, opinion polls and interactive discussion sessions.

Thematic focus is alternately on:

  • A young European Green Deal: our ideas for EU climate Change action
  • Education and Youth Employment: what do we ned for our future?
  • EU Charter of Fundamental Rights: what's our role in democratic life?

Before each session, students are invited to share their ideas and suggestions on the European Youth Ideas platform.

If your school is invited to participate remotely in one of our sessions, you will be directly contacted by your national European Parliament Liaison Office. Alternatively, we invite you to follow the sessions online via the livestream which will be available on our website and social media platforms.

We are looking forward to making Euroscola Online a great success, together with you!


A young European Green Deal: our ideas for EU climate Change action

Our planet is in crisis.

"Our house is falling apart. The future -as well as what we have achieved in the past- is literally in your hands now. But it is not too late!"

Those words are those of Greta Thunberg, the famous Swedish environmental activist, in her address to the Members of the European Parliament in April 2019.

What is the EU Green Deal about? What does it aim to achieve? What are the actions taken by the EU so far to mitigate climate change?

Which new actions should be taken, concretely, to make things move faster?


Traditional onsite Euroscola sessions

Euroscola offers an immersive experience in the Chamber of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, allowing high-school students to learn about European integration by experiencing it first hand.

Students from the 27 EU Member States are selected to become Members of the European Parliament for one day.

They take the floor in plenary and committee sessions to debate and vote on resolutions on current affairs, all the while practising their language skills and making friends with fellow students from across Europe.

Teachers also have the opportunity to meet their colleagues and exchange feedback about their own classroom practices & experiences.