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How the European Union works

Europe in 12 lessons
Overview of European legislation and activity

Fact Sheets on the European Union

How it works: the European Parliament (5'50'' video)

European Parliament News

Europarl TV : News, audiovisual material from the European Parliament

Your Voice platform : Play an active role in EU policy making - Join our community. Have your say!


On environment
European Environment Action Programme:
On sustainable development in the EU:
United Nations Platform on Sustainable Development Knowledge:
United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network:
European Parliament Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety:

On renewable energy
Energy Strategy for Europe:
European Renewable Energy strategy:
Renewable energy national action plans:
Intelligent Energy Europe programme:
European Climate Action:
Climate and energy targets for 2030:
European Parliament Committee on Industry, Research and Energy:


On security
Terrorism: a common threat:
Crisis and terrorism - EU counter-terrorism strategy:
Fight against terrorism: MEPs to debate counter-terrorism strategies (press release 12/04/2016):
Passenger name record: striking the balance in security and data privacy (1-minute video):
Eurocorps: a force for the EU and NATO:
European Parliament sub-committee on Security and Defence:

On human rights
Human rights in the EU:
EU Charter of fundamental rights:
European Convention on Human Rights (Council of Europe):
European Parliament support to human rights and democracy:
Human rights in EU external relations:
Sakharov Prize on freedom of thought:
Freedom of expression in enlargement countries:
Data protection reform (press release 14/04/2016):
EU Agency for Fundamental Rights:
European Parliament Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs:
European Parliament sub-committee on Human Rights:


The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) - a reference point on drugs in Europe:
EMCDDA projects and activities:
European Drug Report 2019 - Trends and Developments:
Drugs trafficking and consumption in the EU - facts and figures:
The EU's response to drugs - Strategy and Action Plan:
What Europe does for... People with substance abuse issues:
What Europe does for... People who drink alcohol:


White paper on the future of Europe: Five scenarios:
Europe2020 Strategy: the EU's growth strategy for the coming decade:
Debating Europe: discuss your ideas with Europe’s leaders:
The future of Europe - World Economic Forum - Davos, January 2016:
Circular economy:
Quantum technologies: from mobile phones to supercomputers
European Parliament Science and Technology Options Assessment:


On migration
Migration, a common challenge:
Migration: MEPs debate new approach to manage flows of migrants and refugees (article 11/04/2016):
Parliament advocates a centralised EU asylum system and legal ways to migrate (press release 12/04/2016):
International Women's Day 2016 - Women refugees in the EU:'s-Day-2016
The Syrian crisis (infographics 17/11/2015):

On integration
Migrants integration:
EU actions to make integration work:
Europe: Largest-ever European survey of immigrants gives big picture on long-term integration (22/02/2016):


Youth employment in Europe: factsheet and key actions:
Young, skilled and... jobless (1'30'' video 21/01/2016):
Youth Guarantee: what is it and how will its schemes be set up?:
€1 billion for Youth Employment Initiative in 2015 (press release 29/04/2015):