The EU budget at a glance


The EU budget explained

We think it is important that EU taxpayers have a clear view of where the EU money goes and where it comes from. That is what we want to show with this tool. Our application might contribute to a better understanding of the functioning of the Multiannual Financial Framework and the annual budgets and it puts the figures for your country in a European perspective.

The figures used are the latest available, as published in the Financial Report of the European Commission for 2017. The percentages in the narrative parts concern the money spent within the EU-28 countries. Money that is spent outside the EU, e.g. in accession candidate countries and neighbouring countries, is not taken into account in the calculations of the percentages displayed.

2017 was the fourth year under the 2014-2020 MFF, which contains lower overall figures than the preceding spending plan. The share of research and development spending has increased since 2016 from 12% to 14%, whereas the share of regional and agriculture spending went down from a 78% to a 75% share of EU spending in the 28 member states.