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Buzek invites young leaders from the EU, Israel and Palestine

Brussels -
Friday 02/12/2011

The President of the European Parliament, Jerzy Buzek, invites young leaders from the EU, Israel and Palestine to Brussels.

Ahead of the next week's seminar for young political leaders, President Buzek said:

"The annual seminars with young political leaders from Europe and the Middle East have become a good tradition in the European Parliament.

These seminars offer an excellent opportunity to raise the awareness of the European Union and our role in promoting peace in the Middle East. But above all, they are a way to engage the future leaders in an open dialogue. We want to encourage them to share their personal experiences and to challenge their views on the most pressing issues.

Changing mindsets, through dialogue and open discussions, is a crucial step in bringing about a better understanding among all sides. It is a crucial step on the path to reconciliation and peace - a path we have learned to walk in Europe.

I am deeply convinced that with these seminars, the European Parliament makes a small but very important contribution to advancing a lasting peace in the Middle East. We need these encounters to build the necessary trust for peace. The European Parliament is the right place to advance this form of dialogue and this form of trust."

Note to editors:

The European Parliament has been organising annual seminars for young political leaders from the EU, Israel and Palestine since 2008 as part of its efforts to fostering peace in the Middle East. A three-day seminar combines debates on the current situation with regard to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with reflexions on a fundamental, cross-cutting issue.

This year's edition, which will take place on 5-8 December, is dedicated to the Arab Spring and worldwide social struggles. The European Parliament organises the event together with the Peres Centre for Peace (Israel) and the International Peace and Cooperation Centre (Palestine).


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