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Buzek on raid of NGO offices in Egypt

Brussels -
Friday 30/12/2011

The President of the European Parliament, Jerzy Buzek, made the following statement on yesterday's raid of the offices of 17 NGOs by Egyptian authorities:

"I am very concerned by yesterday's raid of the premises of 17 NGOs by Egyptian authorities, including the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, which is operating in Cairo since 1981. The search and closure of their offices without presentation of any warrant is not compatible with the rule of law.

This act of intimidation is all the more astonishing as Egypt has engaged the path of democratisation and reform. International NGOs and political foundations make an important contribution to this process. They are an indispensable support to the emerging civil society. I condemn any attempt to sabotage their activity and I hope the confiscated working materials will be restituted immediately.

The EU remains strongly committed to the democratic aspirations of the Egyptian people that has found such a strong expression in the Arab Spring. The relationship with the governments in our neighbourhood depends more than ever on the respect of the fundamental human rights of their people. The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces that is governing Egypt now should be aware that its rule can only be transitional. The EU cannot accept a military dictatorship as a partner.

I would like to express my solidarity and my support for all those who are fighting without relents for human rights, freedom and democracy. The Egyptian people has affirmed its dignity in the Arab Spring. Nobody will be able to take it away."


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