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Meeting with electricity companies CEOs

Brussels -
Wednesday 12/10/2011
Wikimedia Commons: Electricity Pole
Wikimedia Commons: Electricity Pole

European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek discussed the European Energy Community project with Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger and the chiefs of major European Union electricity and network companies.

Hosting a seminar in Brussels at the European Parliament, Buzek stated:

"Seventeen months ago, together with Jacques Delors, I proposed an initiative for a European Energy Community. Its objective is to insert new vigour after the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty in the field of European energy policy to give coherence and clarity to our long-term energy vision.

We have to overcome the fragmentation of the internal market. To achieve that, we need to link our electricity networks. No more lonely islands in Europe's power sector.

Creating an integrated and smart network as well as the capacity to negotiate as a single bloc with energy suppliers and transit countries are key for a well-functioning energy market. Europe also needs to diversify its energy mix and the capacity to have own funds for energy projects.

This will boost economic growth through lower and more predictable prices.

We have to make best use of renewable energies and develop technologies like CCS (carbon capture and storage) if we want to meet our climate goals. Energy efficiency has to be improved if we want to decarbonise our energy consumption and maintain competitiveness.

Today we can look back on the first concrete results of the new possibilities for a European energy policy created by the Lisbon Treaty:

  • proposals for connecting and adapting our energy infrastructure are in the works: For example the pilot phase of the Commission's 'Connecting Europe Facility' under the current financial framework.
  • The next financial framework 2014 – 2020, currently under negotiation, will make more money available to fund infrastructures.
  • We are currently discussing the roadmap for the transition to a low carbon economy in Europe by 2050, a more ambitious energy efficiency directive,
  • legislation on exchange mechanisms with regard to intergovernmental agreements between Member States and third countries in the field of energy and, finally,
  • a strategy for the external dimension of the EU's energy policy as proposed by the Commission last months.
  • And we are looking forward to the energy roadmap 2050 which the Commission will present in December."

Note to editors:

Full text of the Buzek and Delors Declaration on the creation of a European Energy Community - 5 May 2010


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