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Towards greater security of energy supply

Brussels -
Wednesday 07/09/2011

The President of the European Parliament Jerzy Buzek initially welcomed the Commission communication published today "on security of energy supply and international cooperation."

EP President Jerzy Buzek said:

"The Commission came up with a timely and good proposal. Security of energy supply is a key priority and I have always worked closely with the Commission pushing forward the European Energy Community, this communication takes up many ideas from it.

Energy is the new central point in our continuing construction. Creating a real European Energy Community is just as important as the 1992 single market project. Energy cooperation will serve us and the generations to come.

I have always argued that the European Union must present a single interface in its relations with its external partners, both the energy producer and transit countries. The EU must have the ability to pool its supply capacities and to engage in coordinated energy purchasing, should the need arise. In the long term, if we are faced with a major energy crisis, common strategic reserves must be available, and managed throughout the continent in a spirit of solidarity. These ideas are reflected in the Commission communication.

I welcome in particular as a step towards joint purchasing the idea of establishing a mechanism for increased transparency and information exchange on Member States' bilateral energy agreements with third countries. Negotiating EU-level agreements with third countries to facilitate large-scale infrastructure projects will become ever more necessary.

At a time where Northern Africa and in particular Libya is changing so fast, we must stand ready to deepen our cooperation away from only oil and gas towards renewable energy.

The EU must boost partnerships for secure, safe, sustainable and competitive energy. Improving access to sustainable energy for developing countries and better promoting EU policies beyond its borders are also laudable objectives.

If we expect the market to invest in energy, we have to give certainty to the market and this proposal sets out key principles and objectives.

The European Parliament will examine the communication closely."


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