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Speech by Jerzy Buzek at the ceremonial signing of the Treaty of Lisbon by President of Poland

Warsaw -

Honourable President,
Honourable Prime Minister of Sweden,
Honourable President of the European Commission,
Honourable Prime Minister of Poland,
Honourable Speaker of the Senate,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

A short moment ago Poland joined other 26 other countries, which have ratified the Treaty of Lisbon.

One can say, it is high time! That is because European citizens are not interested in treaties themselves itself. They are interested in what we politicians can do for them.

There are crucial concerns which need to be taken care of and solved. We need to improve the economic situation. They - the citizens - want jobs. They want to have certainty that in their households, in winter, there will be no sudden gas shortages, and that temperatures in hospitals will not fall below zero.

The global powers are not and will not wait for the European Union. They go ahead on their own. That is why this Treaty is so important. It gives us new strength and a new way of functioning in the European Union.

The European Parliament - which I represent - will have more say. That is a desired development. It proves the democratic power of the European Union. The citizens - 500 million of them - have chosen the European Parliament.

One more important issue I would like to raise.  I have never neglected the view of the minorities. In this case as well. The recent referendum in Ireland gave an overwhelming support for the Treaty. However there were also those who opposed it. There are many in the EU who share their point-of-view. Let's listen to them. We should take a closer look at what they want to tell us. Once we are open towards those who think differently, we ourselves will be stronger, more efficient, but most of all we will express solidarity.
All of us Europeans should write together our common European story. All 500 million of us!

Honourable President of Poland,

I would like to thank for the invitation to participate in this ceremony.  I am convinced that soon all 27 Member States will finalise their ratification and that the Treaty will come into being before the end of the year. This is an important Treaty. It is important for Poland. It is important for Europe.

Thank you for your attention.  

* * *
For further information:
Inga Rosińska, Spokesperson
Mobile: + 32 498 981 354