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Opening Speech to First European Innovation Summit

Brussels -

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my pleasure to welcome you all to the First European Innovation Summit.  Over the next two days the European Parliament will transform into an arena of innovation.  Exhibitions, conferences, working breakfasts and lunches - those are amongst the events that the organisers have prepared for us.  I would like to thank, therefore, the Knowledge for Innovation Platform for a fantastic idea, and most importantly for bringing it to life!

Our main goal for the next two days is to promote awareness and knowledge about the importance of innovation for the development of Europe.  In order to fully fulfil this goal, our Web based television - called "Europarl TV" - will be broadcasting the most interesting events during this summit live.  Therefore, we are potentially reaching an unlimited audience!

The summit will allow us to familiarise ourselves better with technology and inventions that will help Europe to become a global leader in innovation.

It is also a great opportunity for Members of the European Parliament, scientists, experts, and representatives of the industry to meet and engage in discussions and debate on innovation.
I am glad that this event is taking place at the beginning of the new term of our Parliament.  Our new colleagues will have the opportunity to gain insightful knowledge which can inspire them to work effectively over the next five years.

The topic of the first session - Future European Noble Prize Winners - sets the bar high.  The debates that follow may give us answers to the question of how we can reach this goal.

Today we already know, who we have in mind when talking about the future winners.  They are students - the future of European science.  I am glad that many of you are here with us in the European Parliament.  Please make the best of this opportunity to meet with experienced scientists and managers.  Ideas and inspirations that results from this summit will be our collective success.

Opening the first European Innovation Summit, I hope that the conclusions from your debates and the knowledge that you gain will directly translate into your work for Europe.

I wish you many innovative discussions and thank you for your attention!