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Short speech by Professor Jerzy Buzek President of the European Parliament "Opening of the Loyola de Palacio Room in the European Parliament"

Brussels -
Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dear President Daul,
Dear President Barroso,
Dear Ana Palacio,
Dear Prime Minister Aznar,
Dear President Rajoy
Dear Commissioners,
Dear Friends,

To make crucial changes in the European Union we need crucial people to carry them out. Loyola de Palacio is one of them.

She was a great woman, a committed European and a good friend of this Parliament. I am glad that the EPP has decided to name its meeting room, not after a historic figure of European integration, but after a dear colleague.

Loyola de Palacio believed in Europe and worked for Europe all her life. First in Spain and then here in Brussels.

As Vice President of the Commission she pushed forward the Galileo positioning system, and new maritime safety regulations following the Prestige oil spill off the coast of Galicia.

She was instrumental in laying the foundations for our transport and energy policies by overseeing the white and green papers in these subjects.

She carried a strong conviction that Europe matters and that Europe can make a difference.

When she was diagnosed with cancer she reacted as she did in everything in life - she fought with courage and dignity and never lost her beliefs.

Dear Friends,
It is a very personal honour for me to dedicate this room in the European Parliament, to a great woman, a great European.

I hope that her memory will inspire all of us to follow her legacy, and remind us of that belief that Loyola always had, Europe matters.
* * *
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