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The President of the European Parliament
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The President chairs the plenary sittings of Parliament, the Conference of the Presidents of Political Groups (eight in number) and the Bureau of Parliament (including 14 Vice-Presidents).

The President is responsible for the application of the Rules of Procedure of Parliament, and, to this end, plays a steering role in all the activities of Parliament and its bodies.

The President addresses the European Council prior to each of its meetings, stating Parliament's viewpoint on the subjects on the agenda in the framework of a debate with the heads of state and government.

The President represents Parliament in its international relations, and, in this connection, undertakes official visits within and outside the EU.

The President signs the EU budget into being following Parliament's vote on it at second reading. During the procedure, the President chairs the EP/Council conciliation delegations.

The President may, under the EP/Council codecision procedure, chair the EP/Council conciliation committee. Jointly with the President-in-Office of the Council, the President signs all legislative acts adopted by codecision.

When an Intergovernmental Conference is held for the reform of the Treaties, the President takes part in the meetings of the government representatives where these are organised at ministerial level.

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