Europe Day must not be a sterile celebration of past achievements

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Ahead of Europe Day, 9 May, the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz stated:

"Europe is marking two anniversaries this year: the 100th anniversary of World War One and the 10th anniversary since the historic enlargement of 2004.

These two symbolic events are a stark reminder of how much European integration has changed the European continent for the better: reuniting and reconciling people, expanding freedoms and the rule of law, consolidating democracy, pluralism and tolerance. It only suffices to look at Europe's closest neighbours to understand the extent to which Europe is still seen as a beacon of peace, prosperity and hope.

Yet, for the past five years, 'crisis' has been the word most often associated with Europe. Some Europeans have started seeing the EU as a source of anguish rather than hope, a threat rather than shelter.

Europe Day must not be a sterile celebration of past achievements. It must be a moment of reflection and mobilisation, an opportunity to rediscover the spirit of solidarity and vision which lies at the heart of the European project.

Europe remains our best tool to meet the challenges and deflect the threats of the XXI century: whether we look at international trade or global warming, migration or security.

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The Schuman Declaration: 9 May 1950:

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