Schulz congratulates Ukraine and its leader-elect

Press Release
Brussels -

European Parliament Martin Schulz made the following statement on presidential elections in Ukraine:

"I congratulate the Ukrainian people on holding transparent elections, largely in line with international standards, and choosing a legitimate president in this difficult time for the country.

The vote, organised with a monumental effort by the authorities against all odds, showed the clear resolve of the people to open a new chapter in their history. The turnout was very high, despite violence, and attempts at intimidation.

I congratulate Petro Poroshenko, with whom I recently had very constructive talks. His victory, already in the first round of the vote, if confirmed by the final results, is a sign of the people's determination to restore stability and peace in Ukraine after months of bloody conflict.

It is time for violence to end in Ukraine. It is time for Ukraine, under the leadership of the new president to embark on a constitutional process leading to an inclusive government that would alienate no citizen.

I hope that efforts to destablise the situation in Ukraine will now cease so work can begin to build the country where all its citizens feel at home.

The new president will face formidable challenges from reuniting the country and consolidating the economy to rooting out systemic corruption. The European Union stands ready to help with its financial and technical assistance as well as the signature of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement and the finalisation of the visa liberalisation talks.

I would also like to thank the European Parliament's delegation, which observed the elections as part of the International Election Observation Mission."


The EP's delegation had the following members:
Mr Göran FÄRM, Sweden, S&D, Head of Delegation
Mr Krzysztof LISEK, Poland, EPP
Ms Katrin SAKS, Estonia, S&D
Ms Barbara WEILER, Germany, S&D
Ms Anna ROSBACH, Denmark, ECR
Mr Adrian SEVERIN, Romania, NI

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